Unravel Clothes

Design of the clothes for the brand Unravel and photoshoot for the SS_16 collection. 

Unravel is a concept I created for my diploma project and is currently being develloped, the interface can not be revealled yet as the patent is pending. 

With recycling not very well developed in the fashion industry, Unravel offers an online solution to answer the issue of over-consumption. A creative concept inviting the user to recycle his own clothes which are then regenerated and all the fresh material is used in designing new models. An interface allows the user to select differents shape, colours and materials breathing new life unto old clothes. In an era of excessive production and consumption, environmental awareness is becoming a larger concern and is expressed through the creation of new initiatives every day in a variety of fields. The fashion industry is prey to the downward slope of over-consumption. How could we make a waste repurposing possible in the industry loop? Unravel give it a solution.